“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”
Muhammad Ali

This year has been such a journey! I transferred to California University of Pennsylvania eager to study hard and make the most of my last two years of college. I moved into a house with strangers and prayed for the best! Not only has this been one of my most challenging academically; it has been one of my best in the two years I have been a student. I have gotten involved with clubs, made memories and relationships that I know will last a life time! I have not only learned about what it is I want to do and be in life but I have learned who I am and where I am at spiritually, physically, and mentally.

The poet Nishan Panwar said it best, “All life is– is a series of moments. So cherish every moment that you have, because in a moment, it will be gone. “With this semester coming to a close I appreciate the series of moments I have had with these beautiful ladies in the picture, I have enjoyed laughs and tears with my classmates, and I have been honored to be taught something everyday by my professors. I have two roommates who are moving on after this week, classmates who are transferring, and professor who I won’t have again but I have the series of moments we have created together this year and I am thankful.

So thank you to my roommates Allison Hurley, Briana Lumley, Mercedes Zuzak, and Brittany Jones. Thank you for the laughs, the fights, the talks, coffee sessions, and love. Thank you Writing Publication friends for the laughs, frustrating writing block sessions, critics (even though we said just about the same thing everyday) and the inspiration. You all are wonderful writers and I am honored to have shared class time getting to know you all as writers! Finally, a special thank you and best wishes this summer to my professor Dr. Margo Wilson. Your smile is contagious and I can’t lie and say I have enjoyed every second of Writing Publication because I haven’t and I try not to lie. Nevertheless, I have learned a lot about my strengths, weakness, fears, failures, and so forth.

Happy Summer.

 “À Dieu soit la gloire”

The End



The end is here although it feels like I just sat down in classes for this semester yesterday. Reflecting back on my process of getting published I can only wish for more time. I began looking for places that I felt was suitable to my style. I first reviewed their pieces they’ve already published to determine if their goal was the same as mine and what type of audience they were trying to reach, influence, or inform. I picked several of places but was saddened to find that a lot of place wouldn’t take my submission because their accepting period was closed. I had to make a necessary change last minute and change my piece for more chances of getting a response back from the Publisher. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything back yet but I have high hopes for the near future now that I have learned how to write a Query Letter. I don’t expect a response because it is so late in the season. My story, I believe is important and can related to so I do hope to share it in the near future if I do not hear anything back.


Create is defined as, the construction, fabrication or development of something. It’s to “bring (something) into existence. What does it look like to create? A writer is a creator, someone who takes time and risks to generate an idea, emotions, stories etc… Whether it’s a tale of fictitious events or non-fiction reality the writers sole purpose is to frame a testimony that his or her audience can appreciate.

I expect to write fictional novels that flood the hearts and minds of young adults and parents. I desire to create a story that is relevant to the struggles of young adults and adults. I write in hopes to create a piece that I am not only proud of but my family, children, and most importantly God.
I recognize God as my creator and so I mirror His skills and model my stories off of what He has blessed me to experience in life and imagine in my mind. I have high standards for the barriers I want my writings to posses. I not only want to see my books in the hands of teens, young adults, and parents but I’d like to see my piece on the television screen. I had faith that I will accomplish this and more after Cal U.


If I was to sum up what it is I believe the personality traits you need to embody to write creatively, I’d say as a Journalist you need drive and passion to seek out regardless to how hard the story is to find. The Journalist must encompass confidence and interest in everything they write. The audience cares based off of how much they care. An Academically writing personal must love literature, research, and be willing to learn more even when well versed. Accepting that there is always more to develop. And finally, Creative writers such as myself must posses FOCUS. Creative writers must focus their mind body and soul on what it looks like to skillfully create a new story among many of the same stories. There is nothing new under the sun, however the perspective of a tale regardless to the similarity in plot can feel entirely different.

The How To Do…

In my Writing Publication class we are to pick an issue that you have had to deal with. Then, on your blog, describe how you might research (including interviews – list the kinds of people you might interview), and then structure and write. If I were to chose an issue dear to my heart, it’d be about my college experience. I have learned the most about myself, life and others. An issue I have dealt with is peer pressure among college students. I don’t believe people are aware of its presence surrounding students everyday.

To write a magazine piece about whether peer pressure exist among Cal students, you would more than likely interview students, staff, and people on the campus. You probably would maybe do a survey and ask the professors or the students to fill it out. In addition to checking out the counseling centers perspective, you may do some library research on the average number of colleges dealing with the matter of influence and peer pressure among college students, the most popular kinds of cases of student, suspension, expulsion or even deaths. You may consider interviewing someone from the counseling department of restaurant or something. When you wrote your story, you would structure it so it had an interesting lead, back up interview information, and some genius way to conclude. You should probably quote about the pressures surrounding a student you may have interviewed.




I Once Was A Follower And Now I Dream…

I am required to start this blog for my Writing Publication course at California University of Pennsylvania. I hope to communicate the story of a follower who became a dreamer and is now a leader. I am confident in the power of writing. Not in the superstitious way, but in its capability to transform a persons atmosphere, its ability to change one’s mood, and sometimes it changes a life.

This realization transpired several years ago when I was awarded for my essay about a teacher I would never forget. Thinking back to that time when I was a seventh-grade student and everyone wanted to fit in. A time when learning wasn’t suppose to be cool and here I loved my English class and my teacher. The only obvious solution as a twelve year old was to conform. When the class was disruptive, lazy, tardy, or even unintelligent, I adapted to my environment.  After a few classes of this behavior, a phone call home was made. My parents were informed that I was dating a “knuckle head” and I was following the crowd, which resulted in a deficiency in the class. Immediately a 180* occurred and good behavior was implemented due to, necessary punishment time where homework became my best friend. Reading and writing began to take over the influence I had allowed my peers to gain and I put forth the effort Mrs. Pelkey knew I was capable of. While this story isn’t anywhere close to the many influences I’ve encountered over my life, what makes it worth being told is the sudden impact writing had on my life. This moment was what planted the dream of someone reading my literature and feeling hope. I will forever read and write. Mrs. Kim Pelkey did more than teach me to be a good writer, or how to be a critical thinker, but she inspired me to be a listener and want to make other people feel the meaning of purpose. She taught me the positive effects of being a follower.

Often times we give being a follower a bad reputation. Imagine a world where everyone is the President of United States. Hopefully, you visualize a chaotic society because it’s not a realistic way to envision the world. Like the “First Follower…” Derek Sivers said, “…Leadership is over glorified…” What Mrs. Pelkey taught me along with many others, is although I displayed qualifications that made me a leader, it was essential for me to learn to be the first follower. I had to be on time for class, submit my homework, study, and listen. I hope this blog helps inspire people. Writing is one tool among many that has the power to change a life, but you have to follow before you can lead. Let’s create a movement!